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Njideka AkunyiliHer Widening Gyre 2011 charcoal, acrylic, collage and xerox transfers on paper 6 ft. × 4.5 ft.

you gotta have art


Njideka Akunyili
Her Widening Gyre
charcoal, acrylic, collage and xerox transfers on paper
6 ft. × 4.5 ft.

you gotta have art

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moorster2 said: Just wondering if you've ever had the pleasure of using a male chastity cage on anyone. (Sorry if you get this twice. Browser quit on me the first time.)

Nope. I think about getting one sometimes, but only idly. The hot/not hot ratio is about 20/80 for me.

The thing is, my big kink is EFFORT. I like to see my guy WORK to do what I ask. Because left to his own devices, delayed gratification isn’t exactly his forte: if it feels good, then he’ll do it. Until he pretty much can’t anymore. Like, give him a big bag of candy and he’ll eat it until it’s gone or he’s sick, whichever comes first. He breaks into his presents 2 weeks before Xmas. That kind of thing. Given the three choices of pleasure now, more pleasure later, or regret later… he’ll generally choose pleasure now! Basically, it’s extremely hard for him to resist the promise of instant gratification.

And what do I like, again? Him doing hard things.
So when it comes to no jerking off without me, I’m not getting off on denying him orgasms, I’m getting off on knowing there’s literally nothing stopping him except the desire to please me. (Which is more appealing? An orgasm right now, or making me happy?) Self control is hard. It takes effort. If he was in a cage it’d be easy, and where’s the fun in that? Who can’t do the easy thing?

Of course the honor system means he fails a lot— jesus christ he loves to jack it— but on balance, I’m actually pretty okay with that. It amuses me more often than it pisses me off/disappoints me.

Other considerations: those things are fucking expensive! And fiddly. And ugly. And he’d be trying to defeat it before it even came out of the box, it’s just how he is. He’d succeed, too. He just would.

“Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.”

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but it’s a combination that many have mistressed ;)

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Dear lord his face.

oh shit

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Since FTM Sub Week started on a Tuesday, here’s another to make the full complement! I said a week, you’re getting a week. :D

This is a great little clip— there’s so much to love! Kisses, some very nice spankies (look at that color bloom!!), lots of Feelin-It face, a little tease, a little shoe worship, and the perpetually hard to find hand-on-throat. Nice!

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Aaand we’re back!

Woohoo, all fixed!
Phew! They had me worried there for a minute.

It’s way off schedule but whatever— we now return you to FTM Sub Week! Like, now now.

Fan Mail is broken (?)

Hey y’all, just an FYI, I don’t think I’m getting Fan Mail messages. (Is it just me?) Ask and Submit seem to be working though (I think), so if you want to reach me, try that. Support pending. 

*throws up hands, doesn’t even*